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George Howarth was born on 31st December, 1919 in the Midhope Buildings at King's Cross. George was interviewed by Alan Dein, King's Cross Voices Oral Historian on 19th July, 2004 and shared his memories of growing up in the King's Cross area.

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George Howarth: Do the, when the elections were on, 'cause I used to help the elec., you know my father was strong Labour man and he got me to help him, help the south. southwest St. Pancras I think it was. And my father was a strong Labour man. And when I was very young, about 10, 10, I used to write all the election address and put, you know the envelopes? I used to write, I used have to write all the addresses on the envelopes and that and deliver them like you know. I used to go, they used to hold a party for all the workers kids and ...

Alan Dein: At the school? Was the party at ...

George Howarth: No, no, no. And then we used to, we used to stand outside the old, outside the school when all the voters were coming in their, they used to bring them in cars a lot of them and I used, I used to feel so wild about it because I was, you know, even at that age I was, I was, you know, what's his name? We had a very good Labour man, a working man, working class bloke who stood for Labour, 'cause come from a strong working class area but the Tories they put up this bloke. You know the, the, the people, the diamond Barnardos and Joels, well this family was, they were all part of that and their name was Beit. You know B E I T, Beit. And they were diamond millionaires and they put their young, and the Tories put up this 21 year old young Bloke as the candidate and the bastard, he got in! So we used to stand outside the old school singing:

Vote, vote, vote for Mr. Romwell

Throw old Beity down the stairs

If it wasn't for the law

We would punch him on the jaw

And we won't vote for Beity anymore!

Oh dear!


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